Find everything you need to lead your group well with these helpful resources for leaders and hosts.


Each week we have our Leader Guide to the Life Group Discussion available as a resource in both written and audio form.
The most recent weeks are below. Click here for a full archive.

Leader Guide 2024: Spring Week 9

Leader Guide 2024: Spring Week 9

LEADER GUIDE FOR MESSAGE #6: Dangerous Blessings
Leader Guide 2024: Spring Week 8

Leader Guide 2024: Spring Week 8

LEADER GUIDE FOR MESSAGE #5: What Type Of Church Are We?



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Send us prayer requests, comments & attendance

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See a list of everyone in your group including names and contact information.

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Make Your First Night Great

The First Night Agenda will help guide you through the first meeting of each quarter of your group.

Life Group Commitment Form

Healthy Life Groups are built on commitment and respect. The Commitment Form helps set the expectations for your group.

Tips on Group Prayer

Check out these helpful Group Prayer Tips to guide your group in how to pray together.

How to Post Attendance

Learn how to post attendance for your Life Group each week in your leader portal.

Community Service Projects

Our Community Service ministry is here to help you plan your service project either as an individual or as a group.

Fun Group Social Ideas

We have collected lots of ideas for a group social. Check out some of the fun things other groups have done!


Life Group Leader Expectations

Learn about being a Leader.

Life Group Host Expectations

Learn about being a Host.


Childcare is available during Life Groups on some campuses on specific nights of the week. Find more information at northcoastchurch.com/childcare/ 

Four Q’s

Four key questions to ask when someone comes to you with any issue they’re experiencing. Getting the facts and context usually makes the next steps relatively straightforward on how to support them or the kind of help they need.

Counseling & Support Ministries

We have a Counseling Center available as well as Life Skills & Support groups, marriage family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed psychologists and more.

New Believer Resources

Do you have a new believer in your group? Check out our New Believer Resources to walk with them in their next steps in following Jesus.

The Game Plan Packet

Get the Game Plan packet to help you further understand the struggle you or someone you know is having with pornography or sexual addiction, God’s view on it, and some specific ways to overcome it.


Are you from an outside church and looking for resources? Check out North Coast Training for training, coaching, and events.