How to Post Attendance

Here are the steps to posting attendance for your Life Group each week:

If you want to make changes to your roster or group, you can fill out this short form, or email [email protected]

1. Go to, and click on Login

2. Log in with your Username and Password
(You were emailed a username – if you’ve forgotten your password, click the link to reset it).

3.  Once you’re logged in, click on Leader Toolbox

4.  Click on the name of your group.

5. You should see everyone listed on your roster. Click the Take Attendance to record attendance.

6. Click on the Add New Date button.

7. There are three steps to your attendance.

  • Click on the date box and calendar will pop up. Click on the date your group met.
  • Add any notes about your meeting – notes, group changes, prayer requests, etc.
  • Check off anyone that attended your group.
  • SUBMIT! And you’re done!