Options for staying connected with your groups online


While this list isn’t comprehensive, here are a few of the most commonly used video call platforms and group messaging applications with links to some of their “Help” pages.

GROUP MEETINGS | Platforms for Group Video Calls

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Our Life Group team made a tutorial to walk you through using Zoom. Check it out!

  • Zoom Help
  • Be Smart About Security Online – Whenever possible put a password on your meeting and any other recommendations the platform you’re using suggests. Here are some of the recommendations if you’re using Zoom.
  • Google Hangouts Help
    • Pro: Unlimited time. Closed Captioning. Accessible via web browser on computer
    • Con: Requires a Google account for all participants (create one HERE.) Phone-in option not available unless you have a business account. (If you have a G Suite Business Account, you can also share a phone number for people to call into the meeting if they don’t have access to a computer or smartphone. GSuite accounts are free till July 1.)
    • How to Use:
      • Open Google Hangouts in web browser or mobile app (Apple device, Android device, Chrome web browser extension)
      • Login
      • Click “Video Call” button
      • Click “Invite People” and type in their email address (if they don’t have a Google account, it will send them an invite to setup an account)
    • Watch 6 minute YouTube tutorial.
  • Facetime (Apple) or Duo (Android) | Best for smaller groups of 2-3
    • Pro: Accessible from a smart phone.
    • Con: Everyone must have the same type of phones: Apple or Android.
  • Facebook Messenger
    • Pro: Accessible via web browser on a computer. Can access with a Facebook account. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll need to download the app to your phone and use phone number.)
    • Con: Phone-in option not available.
    • How to Use:
      • Open Facebook Messenger on web browser or mobile app.
      • Login (with Facebook account or phone number)
      • Click “New Message” button to add Facebook friends to group chat
      • After adding contacts, click the “Video Call” button to start video chat.
    • Watch 2 minute tutorial.

GROUP COMMUNICATION | Apps to stay connected throughout the week