Life Group Leader Expectations

You can download this document as a PDF here.


  • Committed to Christ for at least a year
  • Committed to integrity, character and spiritual growth
  • Participated in sermon-based Life Group for at least a quarter
  • Skills / Abilities
  • Leadership, Shepherding, and or facilitating – Strength in one of these three
  • Social Skills – have a track record of relating and connecting with others


Prepare For and Lead the Meeting

  • Listen to the sermon
  • Complete the homework
  • Read the weekly Leader Notes
  • Listen to read the Leader Guide each week

Care for Group Members and their Families

  • Stay connected with group members as they experience personal problems & needs
  • Partner with your Life Group Pastor for any special needs
  • Visit members in the hospital

Keep watch over your group through taking attendance

  • Attendance is one of the key ways to help you shepherd your group as well as help us know how your group is doing and how to care for you.

Strengthen your leadership through trainings just for you

  • Essentials (New Leader and Host Training)
    September & January
  • Kick-off (all Life Group Leaders and Hosts)
  • Mid-Quarter Trainings (all Life Group Leaders and Hosts)
    October/November & February/March