Life Group Host Expectations

You can find this document as a PDF here.


  • Committed to Christ for at least a year
  • Committed to integrity, character and spiritual growth
  • Participated in sermon-based Life Group for at least a quarter
  • Skills / Abilities
  • Leadership, Shepherding, and or facilitating – Strength in one of these three
  • Social Skills – have a track record of relating and connecting with others


Provide a Clean, comfortable home:

Key Questions:

  • Is my house clean and picked up by meeting time?
  • Do I have enough comfortable chairs?
  • Do I have enough lighting?
  • Is my house free of dog or cat odors?
  • Are my children interrupting the group?

Provide a warm and friendly environment:

  • As part of the leadership team, your job is to help your members feel loved, accepted, and welcome.

Provide support & feedback for the leader:

  • One of the host’s jobs is to discuss and evaluate the group with the leader on a regular basis.  This often can be done informally after everyone leaves.
  • Another way to help the leader is to jump start the discussion when it lags.

Help the leader care for members and their families:

  • Track personal problems & needs of group members.

Organize the weekly refreshments, quarterly potlucks, socials & community service projects.

Attend All Training Meetings

  • Essentials (New Leader and Host Training)
    September & January, exact dates will be announced
  • Kick-off (all Life Group Leaders and Hosts)
    September, exact dates will be announced
  • Mid-Quarter Trainings (all Life Group Leaders and Hosts)
    October/November & February/March, exact dates will be announced