How to choose a group:

We’ve found that groups do best when members share a common life-stage or interest that we call Station-in-Life. We recommend that you choose a group based on your campus area and Station-in-Life.
Check out the descriptions below for more information on each Station-in-Life. If you still have additional questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions or the Team pages in the menu above.

These sermon-based studies are open to people of all ages and all stages of life.  Time will be spent in a relaxed environment sharing thoughts and insights from the previous week’s sermon.  This will be a great time to get to know one another, dig deeper into the scripture, and apply knowledge you have gathered.

What a great way to keep your marriage on track!  Join one of the Life Groups comprised of married couples that haven’t taken the plunge into parenthood. Start building relationships with other couples and building the foundation of a strong God-centered marriage. These groups are often led by couples with a few more years of marriage behind them who can encourage, support and mentor you in your walk with Jesus and your relationship with your spouse.

Our Young Family Life Groups are a powerful place for couples to experience meaningful connections with one another. Most of these groups meet on Thursday nights when child care is available at the church. Some of the Young Family Life Groups are sermon-based and others have a special curriculum pertaining to marriage and family issues. Most of these young families have infants and preschool age children. Life Groups are a great environment for getting to know others and encouraging one another during this very special chapter in life.

If you have children from kindergarten-age to 6th grade and would like to meet other parents, then check these groups out. These Life Groups are designed to connect parents together by gathering weekly to review the previous week’s sermon. These groups will be studying the Word, applying what they learn, and gaining support and encouragement from one another and God. Since we lead by example, this is a great opportunity to role-model to your children the value of regular time in the Word and regular fellowship with others.

Guiding our teens through the transitional years to adulthood can be some of the most rewarding and yet stressful times we ever experience in life. It is our passion to help people connect with each other for support, through prayer, Bible studies, and sharing. Come and be involved with other people who have been or are going through the same issues in life.

Come enjoy the fellowship and study that our Life Groups are known for with others who have raised their families and have earned the well-deserved “Empty Nest” moniker. These groups are composed of people whose children are independent, usually college aged or in their 20’s.

The Senior Life Groups are the most social Life Groups at North Coast Church! These married and single adults, age 55+, gather weekly to study God’s Word and develop meaningful friendships. Most of these Life Groups meet in the morning. During the breaks between Life Group quarters, you will often find these social folks gathering for fellowship. Search here if you want to join a group of people who are young-at-heart, fun-loving, caring, and interested in following Jesus.

The college-aged years – They’re some of the most exciting and crucial years as you explore and set the direction of how you are going to live the rest of your life! Our passion is to help you know how to have Jesus Christ at the center of this process and to know how to live for Him. Our desire is to be an authentic community you can connect to so you will be empowered to love and worship God, transformed to grow in maturity, and equipped to serve.

UNION is a place for young adults ages 25-35 to connect and experience life together. If you are post college through 30 something and looking for spiritual growth and like-minded community, we invite you to join us at Union 2535.

The Single Adult Ministry goal is to move from crowd to community – and one of the best ways to do this is by joining one of our Singles Life Groups.  Not only will they provide you with some “instant community,” but they also will make it much easier to venture out and meet new friends at our larger group meetings and events  (because you will already know 10-12 people there). We encourage you to take this step and move from crowd to community.

Common Interest groups target people that have a commonality or common interest. The specific target or niche (e.g. Couples only, Desert Rats, Men only, Women only, etc.) is summarized in the individual group descriptions. Most groups use the popular sermon-based study format, but there are groups that choose a DVD or book study.  Please look over each group, but keep in mind that in order to sign up, you MUST fit the targeted niche of the individual group.

The Life Skills and Support Ministry offers a variety of support and educational groups. Here, we learn how to incorporate God into the daily struggles we are facing. Whether seeking a job, losing weight, recovering from an addiction or managing symptoms of mental illness, we all need a safe place to talk, learn, and listen. You are not alone; we all need others to conquer strongholds in our lives. We provide Christian leadership and support and will join you in your path of becoming who God has created and destined you to be.

Unlike our Station in Life Groups, most of these support groups are open for enrollment throughout the year. Life Skills and Support groups can be found here. Check each group to find out more or email Susan Trueblood at [email protected].

These groups are designed to support our military community. The fast pace and constantly changing military environment makes establishing close, personal relationships a challenge. Yet, we are not meant to live alone. We are meant to live in caring communities with people to turn to for love, connection, and help when we need it. As you navigate the military life, you need connection, community, others who face what you face, and people who lead similar lives. It is how we survive, succeed and continue to grow.

Estos son estudios basados en los sermones de los domingos, y están abiertos para personas de todas las edades y etapas de la vida. Se trata de un rato agradable y casual donde se puede compartir pensamientos e ideas sobre el sermón del domingo anterior. Esta es una buena oportunidad para conocer a otras personas, aprender la Biblia más profundamente, y aplicar los principios bíblicos que se aprenden.

These sermon-based studies are open to people of all ages and all stages of life.  Time will be spent in a relaxed environment sharing thoughts and insights from the previous week’s sermon.  This will be a great time to get to know one another, dig deeper into the scripture, and apply knowledge you have gathered.

Each of our Campuses have a unique Women’s Ministry. While these groups are still Life Groups, they are part of each specific ministry as well and will include ministry specific events and studies. For more information about the Women’s Ministry on your campus, check out THIS PAGE.

TO JOIN A GROUP: Check out the Find a Group page and select your Campus and Women’s Ministries from the drop down to review the choices for that campus.

Our men’s groups exist to create opportunities for men of all ages to build relationships and grow in Christ. The goal is for men to experience practical spiritual growth through studying the word, discussion, community and prayer.

We have groups in various locations across the country. Some meet online for anyone nationwide, and some meet in person. Check to see if there are any in your area!