Arise: North Coast Women

Vista Campus Women’s Ministry

Women growing in their walk with God through community and the Word.

Arise offers a variety of relevant Biblical studies for women. Each small group includes discussion and prayer support while connecting with adult women of all ages.

Arise groups will be meeting at a variety of times this quarter on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Most groups meet on Tuesday.

There are three meeting types for groups this quarter: online only, in person only (following CDC guidelines) or a combination of both online and in-person.

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Book Payment and Pick-Up:
If your group will be working thru a book, we have pre-purchased them for you. After you are placed in a group, you can pay for the book via credit card. If you’d like to pay with scrip, check, cash, or need a scholarship, contact Christine –  If you are meeting in person for your first meeting, your leader will have the books. If you are meeting online for the first meeting your leader will know how to get your book to you.

To Sign-Up for Arise:

Visit our “Find A Group” page. Select “Vista” under Campus, and “Women’s Ministries” under Station in Life. Click SEARCH and review the available options. For more details, check out the video below.

Christine Clark
Arise Life Group Director
(760) 724-6700 x295

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