Counseling Corner

On the second Sunday of each month, during the 11am service on the Vista Campus, one of our licensed counselors will present a topic on mental health issues. Our topics may include specific diagnoses such as depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, interventions, types of help available, etc. If you have questions on something that is happening to you or to a loved one, attend one of the meetings and ask the counselor. While we will be presenting the larger picture on diagnoses, specific questions may be answered. These meetings will not give specific advice on treatment nor medications, rather the meetings will provide a direction to pursue along with resources for support.

See below for what’s coming up! Please register for each Counseling Corner date you wish to attend.

Upcoming Counseling Corner Topics and Dates

November 13th – Seasonal Affective Disorder – The Holiday Blues

This type of depression is very subtle. If you or a loved always seems to be down or just can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit, it might be Seasonal Affective Disorder. It can last from Fall to the end of Winter. Learn how to manage the symptoms and how to use effective interventions to prevent another cycle of the Holiday Blues.

December 11th – Just Getting Through the Holidays – When Grief, Loneliness and Fear Take Joy Away

Negative feelings don’t go away when the holidays come. Rather, feelings of isolation, grief, and loneliness can intensify during this time of year. Learn with others how to recognize the manageable from the unmanageable, boundaries to chaos, and how to stand up for yourself when you just don’t want to engage with the holidays.

January 8th – Beyond the Baby Blues

This class is for pregnant women and new moms. The pressures and responsibility of motherhood can move a woman to experience more that just the “Baby Blues” but symptoms of anxiety and depression during this season of life. Women struggle with self-doubt and “what ifs” such as will I be able to make it through labor and delivery, will I be a good mother, will I be able to still be a good wife, and generally can I really do this and be good at it? We will identify many of the contributing factors that lead to this, discuss what it looks like when you have it and learn helpful coping skills. that can enhance a healthier mother-baby bonding and improve family relationships.


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